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Pedal Bone Osteitis


Cows walking with uneven weight bearing on their claws will cause chronic changes to the structure of the third phalanx (pedal bone). Bone growths (osteophytes) appear on the solar surface and around the dorsal aspect [...]

Pedal Bone Osteitis2019-08-15T06:44:58+00:00

The Calving Effect


Unlike us, cows don’t walk on the soles of their feet. Neither do horses. Most of the weight bearing surface is at the bottom of the walls of the hooves. They walk on the walls [...]

The Calving Effect2019-01-01T18:42:28+00:00

The Cost of a Lame Cow


What’s the cost of a lame cow? Let’s work it out. An average adult cow that goes lame in mid-October once she has started bulling. Let’s say she gets a grade one lameness that goes [...]

The Cost of a Lame Cow2018-11-21T11:43:16+00:00

The Effect of Stress


It’s amazing what you can tell from examining a cow’s hooves. In the routine course of a day at Hoof Star we may examine 20-90 cows hooves. Each farm has its own unique set of [...]

The Effect of Stress2018-11-21T11:48:39+00:00

Why Hoof Trim?


Wild bovines rarely walk on hard surfaces for miles at a time carrying 10l of milk in their udders. We are imposing this artificial system on them. While they are very resilient creatures, our dairy [...]

Why Hoof Trim?2019-08-15T07:09:59+00:00