A Better Cattle Crush Solution

Here at Hoof Star, our objectives are very simple. We combine the best techniques & experience with the best cattle crush technology on the market to ensure that your cows and staff stay happy, healthy and productive.

Our mobile, hydraulic cattle crush allows us to efficiently treat your cows comfortably, quickly and effectively in an environment that’s safe for the animal as well as the operator, without tying up your staff. Our equipment is ultra mobile and can be operated anywhere with a standard 240v power supply.


Hoof Star┬ábelieve in offering the very best in hoof trimming services, which is why we’ve opted to use the WOPA brand of mobile, hydraulic cattle crush. With a superior design for both operator and animal safety & comfort, the model was the obvious choice. Being a mobile unit means that we can bring this technology right to your doorstep.

Investing time and money into the very best staff and cattle crush equipment means that Hoof Star are perfectly placed to help make a real difference in your cow management plan. Simply give us a call to arrange a convenient time to sit down and identify opportunities for easier hoof care on your farm.


Consistent Records & Intelligent Reporting

We use industry leading software to ensure we communicate quickly, easily and transparently with farm management and other animal welfare professionals. An historical record of treatment, coupled with scheduled follow up work ensure the best in animal welfare and hoof health. Advanced reporting tools assist with identifying environmental factors that can negatively impact on hoof health.

  • Cloud based records

  • Treatment records

  • Scheduled rechecks

  • Easy info sharing for vets

  • Advanced reporting

Efficient Hoof Trimming & Care

Our mobile cattle crush can integrate seamlessly with your workflow. Our experienced staff can help identify & treat early signs of lameness, efficiently on the spot during milking operations. Drop us a line to arrange a friendly chat.