Our experienced Hoof Star team deliver safe, fast and effective hoof trimming services in the Central North Island. Services range from regular preventative inspections and treatments, through to corrective services for previously unidentified issues. Most dairy managers will know, regular hoof trimming & maintenance helps prevent more serious, long term issues in their herd. Hoof Star pride ourselves on the professional service that we perform alongside your regular staff, to help keep your cows at top production all year round.

Our services are not simply limited to hoof trimming. When we treat an animal, we take an holistic approach to not only address immediate problems, but to also speed recovery and healing. Hoof trimming treatments may be supplimented with the application of blocks, copper-sulphate baths and bandaging. Should medication be deemed necessary, we will optionally liaise with your own veterinarian or our own supporting vets. Our Hoof Star team will ensure the right measures are taken to bring your cow back into full production, faster and more efficiently.

Fast, Flexible & Efficient

Our mobile, hydraulic cattle crush can simply be setup adjacent to your dairy shed.
Our only requirement is a standard 240v supply. With the capacity to evaluate & treat on average 12 cows per hour, talk to us today about how we can support your cow management plan.