Lame cow prevention. The 5-step plan.

  1. Early Detection of lame cows is critical. The earlier you detect them and treat them the quicker the recovery, the less impact it has on the individual cow, and the less impact it has on the herd productivity.
  2. Reduce herding pressure on the cows. Maintain good track design, good yard management, and good cow flow during milking. Your staff are critical in this step.
  3. Improve hygiene. Clean up areas where the cow’s dung on the race. Maintain an effective foot-bath.
  4. Maintain healthy hooves. Regular trimming and attention to lame cows.
  5. Keep records of what lesions are causing lameness. This will help direct you to the cause of the problem.

Hoofstar makes steps 4 and 5 easy for you. With regular visits we can help you maintain healthy hooves and we record all the lesions for you and present them back to you and your vet for further investigation as to the cause. We will also indicate cows that require veterinary attention, such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, digital dermatitis, septic pedal arthritis, and cows that need antibiotics.